Storage for Interior Designers: How to Simplify Furniture Staging

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Accessible, organized, and affordable storage for interior designers is essential, as keeping loads of spare furniture in your home or office isn’t exactly ideal. Whether you’re an interior designer or a home stager in charge of decorating properties for sale, rented storage space can be a relief—and an essential part of your business. 

While home stagers need access to a great deal of furniture at quick notice to help sell homes, traditional interior designers can also benefit from stored furniture. Do-it-yourself interior designers might come across the perfect couch or furniture piece on sale, and hold it in the meantime to pass along to a customer with a house that will suit it perfectly. 

But not every storage option will fit your specific needs for furniture storage. STASH is here with a look at 4 storage qualities interior designers need.

1) On-Demand Furniture Delivery

Anyone who’s done extensive furniture storage knows how difficult maneuvering pieces can be. How often have you needed one specific piece of furniture, but it’s kept at the very back of your unit? Storage for interior designers and home stagers needs to make removal quick and easy.

Interior designers and home stagers should look for valet storage options, like those offered by STASH, where furniture can be effortlessly delivered to you. No painstaking maneuvering of furniture in your unit, no trips back and forth across town, and no need to hire movers or rent a truck. Instead, you can simply schedule a time, date, and location for delivery. Our STASH storage professionals will deliver your items straight to your customer’s door. 

2) Organized Storage

Another essential feature for storage for interior designers and home stagers is a reliable system of organization for your stored furniture. Keeping your furniture pieces in storage is a great option, but it can be easy to forget what you have in storage. If you cannot place the perfect couch, chair, or table that your customer needs, the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars you spent might as well go down the drain.  

Fortunately, systems like STASH’s online inventory makes keeping track of your furniture effortless. Our online platform makes each of your items visible in an online catalog.  With all of your stored items accessible online, you can easily see what’s being kept in storage and locate the perfect pieces for your current project. Once you find what you are looking for, accessing these items is as simple as scheduling a delivery date.  

3) Climate Control Options

The last thing you want is expensive furniture and antiques that look worn or damaged because of improper storage conditions. Certain furniture pieces can’t handle skyrocketing summer temperatures and humidity in non-climate controlled units. Convenient storage does not have to come at the expense of damage to your furniture investments. Thankfully, storage facilities like STASH offer climate-controlled storage to keep your belongings protected!

4) Flexible Pricing, Depending on the Season

Those who frequent the furniture market know that a single furniture sale might result in you stocking up on loads of furniture, burying you in spare pieces. Additionally, as a home stager, there’s no telling when a ton of your decorated homes will suddenly go off the market. 

While, of course, one option is to simply pay for loads of storage space year-round. However, doesn’t it make more sense to find storage that adjusts to your needs? STASH can help! Our storage model lets you only pay for the space you use—helping you save money on your furniture storage and boost your bottom line. Our storage system even offers pay-per-item storage—meaning you can store a single piece of furniture without renting a large storage space. 

Easy Furniture Storage Near Me

Here at STASH, we love supporting other small businesses. If you’re in the market for professional furniture or decor storage, STASH has the convenient and affordable solutions you are looking for. Our business model is perfectly aligned to support a variety of professions, including interior designers, home stagers, and realtors. Reach out to our professionals for a free quote today!

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