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Common Questions

How does STASH work?

Efficiently and conveniently. We are transforming the self-storage business by offering individuals, families and businesses a new way to store small and large items. We come to you. You do not need to lift a finger! We’ll drop off free STASH boxes for you to use on the day and time you request and then will come back and pick them up on the day and time you request (maybe it’s the same day, maybe it’s a different day). We then organize, barcode, photograph and store your items in our climate-controlled storage facility.

How do I access and manage my online inventory?

First, get a free quote and we will contact you to set up an account. Then, go to to Login. Once logged in, you will be able to view the items in your inventory. Want an item back? Simply click it, select time and date, and schedule a delivery within 24-48 hours!

What are your plan options?

We have 3 main options: Declutter, Bulk Storage, and Custom Care. Each is designed to be an affordable on-demand storage solution that fits your needs, big or small. We provide STASH boxes to you for FREE, you just pay for us to store your stuff. For details, get a free quote.

Do I need to pre-pack before you arrive at my location?

Yes, we would prefer that you pack your belongings up the way you would like them to be situated within the provided STASH storage boxes.