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STASH Storage’s Enterprise Service: Secure Document Storage for Businesses

Every business should consider using Stash Storage Enterprise Service
when deciding how to store your securely essential documents, including:

Storage for Doctor Offices and Medical Practices

Physical copies of medical records have to be stored by hospitals, doctor’s offices, and medical practices for at least 7 years—or often longer. STASH’s facilities are safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant for medical record storage. 

Law Firm Document Storage

Both North Carolina and South Carolina require law firms to retain most legal documents for a minimum of 6 years (if not longer). These documents are often irrelevant in closed cases and can take up valuable retail space in your office. STASH can help with our secure document storage solutions for law firms.

Document Storage for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requires CPAs and accounting firms to keep all relevant documents for seven years. You can store these documents with STASH to clear up extra space in your office. 

Secure Storage: How We Maintain Compliance and Sensitive Items Safe

  • Locks/Lockable Boxes: We offer locks and lockable STASH boxes. Only you will know the passwords. 
  • Zip Ties (Upon Request): We can further the storage security with zip ties. In these cases, even if someone cracks the code of your lock, they will not be able to open the boxes without scissors on hand. 
  • Tamper-Proof Seals: We can secure your document boxes with special tamper-proof seals. 
  • Climate-Controlled Storage: You can rest assured that your documents have protection from moisture, heat, and insects. 
  • QR Code Technology: Our QR code technology keeps our sensitive document storage organized. We use these QR codes to ensure we retrieve the right boxes without opening any boxes or compromising secure files.
  • 24/7 Security and Monitoring: Our trusted security measures work around the clock to keep your items safe. 

How it Works: Professional Document Storage

  • After you sign up, STASH will coordinate with you to come to pick up your document boxes.
  • Your boxes are securely shut and assigned a QR code, allowing us to keep track of documents.
  • We will catalog all of your boxes and upload them to your online dashboards.
  • When you need a document or box back, simply request a return. We will use our QR code technology to identify and return the box of documents you need. 

Inventory Storage Solutions

In addition to our secure document storage, STASH offers the perfect solution for storing extra inventory for businesses in every industry. Our storage solutions will free up extra space in your office—leaving more room for your business growth. 

STASH also has built-in inventory management support. You can view all of your available inventory in our online dashboard. This feature makes it easy to see when you are low on certain items. 

Additionally, STASH enterprise storage solutions are ideal for helping businesses move. For example, we can help you skip the movers and easily store items when transitioning between office buildings. STASH storage facilities are also the perfect place to house extra items when stocking up and preparing to open a new location. 

STASH Secure Storage Solutions for Businesses

STASH offers the local storage solutions your business needs. We provide secure storage for businesses in Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Charleston, Durham, Mt Pleasant, Raleigh, and surrounding areas. You can contact the experts at STASH to get started today! 

Features & Benefits

We offer more than on-demand storage and Stash Boxes! Use Stash Enterprise Service if you are looking for:


• Secure Offsite Storage


• Climate Controlled


• Free Box Drop off & Pick Up


• Easily Retrieve Specific Boxes On Demand


• Local and long-distance moves

Say goodbye to your storage unit forever.

We can save you up to 50%.