General Pricing Guidelines


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STASH Box — $15/mo

One of our STASH boxes fits about 4 cubic feet of stuff (about the size of a laundry basket)

small item to stash
Small Item — Starts at $25/mo

Includes items like bikes, chairs, skis, lamps, etc (rule of thumb, anything a single person can carry)

large item to stash
Large Item — Starts at $45/mo

Things like mattresses, appliances, furniture, etc. (rule of thumb, any large item that requires two people to lift) Pricing based on cubic feet. 

bulk storage
Multiple Items

If you have multiple items, we typically will calculate monthly pricing based on how much cubic feet all of your stuff will take up.

Bulk Storage Options

(5×5) – Closet-Sized STASHing = $100
(10×10) – Garage sized STASHing = $150
(15×10) – Studio sized STASHing = $200
(20×10) – Apartment sized STASHing =$250


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We do our best to price things out as accurately as possible, just keep in mind that sometimes the quote is a little higher or lower than the actual cost once we see your stuff in person.

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