A Guide to Medical Record and Professional Document Storage

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Businesses and doctor’s offices alike often struggle with the question of how to find secure document storage. Confidential and sensitive documents can take up a great deal of office space, and any patient medical records are required to be held by health providers for at least 11 years! But for many offices, off-site document and medical record storage raises the questions: Will your documents be easily accessible? Will they remain secure? 

Worry no more! Here’s a quick guide for office professionals looking to better understand the services that storage facilities offer for secure document storage, and how you can identify the best options.

What Kind of Files and Forms Benefit from Secure Document Storage?

The first question many office managers have is what kind of records can be stored in a secure document storage facility. Many businesses, particularly small businesses, aren’t aware of all the services storage offers them. Secure document storage is ideal for all sorts of the sensitive documents filling up space in your filing cabinets, including:

  • HR Documents Containing Employee Information
  • Accounting Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Deeds, Titles, and Other Ownership Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Sensitive Business Data
  • Paystubs
  • Executive Meeting Minutes

And that’s just a few of the many types of forms and files that can benefit from secure document storage! Basically, secure storage is necessary for any document you wouldn’t want in the wrong person’s hands–whether it’s a business competitor, an identity thief, or anyone without approved access.  

What are Necessary Features of Medical Record and Professional Document Storage?

The next step is the tricky one: how to assess your options for secure document storage? Not all storage options are ideal for sensitive documents. An ideal secure document storage facility needs:

1) Protection from Excess Heat, Moisture, and Insect-Damage

Medical records and other professional documents can become damaged or illegible if exposed to excess heat and humidity, so a climate-controlled storage option is an important factor when you’re selecting the right facility for you. Many insects can also damage papers–which is just another reason not to rely on your office’s basement for storing important documents.
Here at STASH, we offer climate-controlled storage, ensuring all your professional documents and medical records remain safe. 

2) Well-Organized and Easily-Accessible Storage

Additionally, medical records and professional documents need to be easily retrievable, so whatever option you’re choosing for storage needs to be accessible and well-organized. At STASH, we use a system of digital cataloging so your items remain easily and effortlessly organized. And whenever you want to retrieve your items, our on-demand valet services make document retrieval as simple as can be–a vital component for any secure document storage service. 

There’s no need to worry about sorting through storage space yourself, or even making the drive out to the facility. With our pick-up and drop-off services, STASH takes care of it all!

3) Security You Can Trust

Finally, storage isn’t truly secure if there’s no telling whether unauthorized people have access to medical records or other professional documents. Not all storage facilities offer true secure storage, so it’s important to assess a facility’s security features. 

As an example, STASH offers QR technology zip ties for the items in STASH boxes. This technology allows boxes to be easily identified and accessed while remaining confidential. STASH also offers lockable boxes and tamper-proof seals, so customers have the choice to select the best security options for them. These options, coupled with 24/7 security for our storage facilities, allows for any doctor’s office, business, or law firm to rest easy knowing their documents will remain secure at STASH.

STASH: Medical Record and Secure Document Storage Near Me

If you’re looking for secure document storage or medical record storage, you can check out STASH’s locations all across North Carolina and South Carolina, and review our options for storage and pricing today!

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