A Guide to Storage Container Pricing

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What Are Storage Unit Prices for Different Container Sizes?

Stash Storage is changing the storage market’s landscape by spearheading a new, higher level of storage service. Our experts do the heavy lifting by loading up your stuff, moving it to our locations, and delivering it on-demand. Best of all, you can find our professional storage solutions starting at just $15 a month. So how much is container storage? How can you get the lowest storage prices possible? The experts at Stash Storage are here with insight into the prices for different container sizes and storage solutions. 

How Much Does it Cost to Put a Single Box in Storage?

Price: $15 per month

Let’s start at the beginning: how much does it cost to store a box of your belongings? Yes, you read that right—you can store a single box (about 4 cubic feet of space) without paying for a full storage unit. STASH boxes run just $15 a month. This solution is perfect for a variety of situations:

  • You can rent multiple STASH boxes to support smaller moves without paying the full price of a container or storage unit rental. 
  • If you are a small business looking for a place to keep extra inventory, STASH boxes can help.  
  • Perhaps you are looking for an ultra-secure place to hide your Christmas presents for a month?

What Does it Cost to Store a Single Item?

Price: $25-$45 per month

Why rent a full storage unit for a single item? If you need to store a bike, chair, or another small item, you can find solutions starting at just $25. Larger items (like a mattress, couch, or piano) can be stored for just $45 per month. 

These storage solutions are perfect for renters who may not have the space they need for the things they love. 

5×5 Foot Storage Container Cost

Price: $100 per month

For a full-service storage container the size of a walk-in closet, you can expect to pay just $100 per month. This option is perfect for:

  • Home decluttering
  • Seasonal storage items
  • Business inventory storage
  • Storage for college students between semesters

10×10 Foot Storage Container

Price: $150 per month

Roughly the size of a home office or small bedroom, a 10×10 storage unit is one of the most common container sizes at most self-storage facilities. This container is large enough to store multiple pieces of furniture, appliances boxes, and moving boxes. 10×10 storage containers are perfect for:

  • Storage for multiple pieces of furniture
  • Small apartment moves
  • Room renovation storage
  • Office transitions

15×10 Foot Storage Container

Price: $200 per month

For a little more space, you can upgrade to a 15×10 storage container, which is roughly the size of a large bedroom. On average, this storage space can accommodate the contents of multiple fully-furnished bedrooms. 15×10 units are perfect for:

  • Standard apartment moving
  • Bulk office equipment storage
  • Substantial home storage

20×10 Foot Storage Container

Price: $250 per month

Our largest container is about the size of a single-car garage. 

  • Small home moving
  • Large apartment moving
  • Home renovation storage
  • Large office storage

Benefits of Stash Storage

Stash offers a new kind of storage solution. We offer benefits you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • On-Demand Delivery: When you need an item back from storage, Stash will deliver it to your door. 
  • Mover and storage costs in one: Stash movers offer FREE pickup at your door—which rolls the cost of movers and storage into one low price. You can read more with our FAQ
  • Full Inventory Catalog: No more mindless searching and wondering, “Did I leave that item in storage?” Stash has a full list of your stored items available to you online. 
  • Wider variety of options: Most storage businesses offer 1-3 container sizes. By offering 7 different storage sizes and solutions, Stash can better accommodate your unique situation. 
  • Lower prices: With our wide variety of storage accommodations, we help you only pay for the space you need. 
  • No bulky on-site container: On-site storage containers are bulky, space-consuming, and can get you in trouble with your HOA. Stash brings your items to our storage facility for safe, out-of-the-way keeping. 
  • Transparent costs: Submitting quotes online to find out how much you will have to pay can make it hard to compare storage businesses. We have nothing to hide here at Stash, so we make our transparent prices available to customers upfront.
  • No warehousing fee: PODS and other storage container businesses will charge you more for keeping your items in their facility. Stash storage costs include our facility storage expenses. 

Stash Storage: On-Demand Storage Solutions

Stash Storage is an innovative, on-demand storage solution that helps you only pay for the space that you need. Our transparent pricing and customer-centered accommodations help us stand out from other storage businesses. We have 7 locations across North Carolina and South Carolina, including Raleigh, Charleston, Cary, Mt Pleasant, Durham, Apex, and Chapel Hill. We welcome you to request your free quote here online to get started today.

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