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How Small Businesses Benefit from Full-Service Storage Units

Small businesses are often disadvantaged in today’s retail market. One significant challenge small businesses face is the cost of commercial space. How do you grow your business without overtaking your home or paying exorbitant prices for an office? Full-service storage is your solution. This new style of storage can be ideal for helping small and growing businesses. Here is a look at 3 ways on-demand storage can solve small business space problems.

1. Excess Inventory Storage Solutions

How can I keep extra inventory organized, safe, and out of the way? This question is common among growing small businesses. 

You can keep extra inventory safe without renting a full storage unit, storage container, office, or warehouse. On-demand storage allows you to only pay for the space that you need. Best of all, you can fulfill your orders with the click of a button—no need to drive back and forth to your storage container. Simply request return items online and have them delivered to your door. 

2. Alternative to an Office for Small Businesses

Perhaps your small business is not yet ready for a full-blown office? In these cases, you may find your work supplies overrunning your home. While you can’t work from a storage container, you can use it to clear up your working space. Store all of your extras, including spare:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Decor
  • Technology
  • Whiteboards
  • Tech accessories
  • Furniture

…and a wide variety of other office items to make more room for your small business. 

3. Help with Office Transitions

Out with the old, in with the new? When your small business is ready to upgrade to a new office, full-service storage can help. We can move all of your desks, chairs, furniture, and inventory into our container storage—no need to hire a mover, rent a truck, or make space for a POD. 

Once you are ready to go in your new office, we can deliver your items—all at once or on-demand as you settle in.

How Much Does Storage Cost Small Businesses?

Stash Storage has more versatile offerings than most other storage companies, making our solutions especially viable for small businesses. Here is how much you can expect to pay as a small business owner:

  • Box storage: You can pay by box here at Stash Storage. Our STASH boxes offer 4 cubic feet of space (about the size of a laundry hamper) for just $15 a month. 
  • Small-item storage: Storage for a small item (such as an office chair) costs just $25 a month. 
  • Large item storage: Storing a single desk, table, or another large office item costs just $45 per month. 
  • 5×5 storage container: What about bulk storage? You can find our storage containers starting at just $100 per month for a 5×5 storage area. 
  • 10×10 storage container: For a little more space, you can upgrade to our 10×10 containers for just $150 per month.
  • 15×10 storage container: Businesses with multiple pieces of large office equipment might be better suited for a 15×10 full-service storage container, which costs just $200 per month. 
  • 20×10 storage container: As your business continues to grow, you can upgrade to our largest storage container for just $250 per month.

Stash Storage: On-Demand Storage for Growing Businesses

Stash Storage is an innovative, on-demand storage solution with the capacity to support small businesses, large businesses, residential storage needs, and everything in-between. We have 7 locations across North Carolina and South Carolina, including our storage in Raleigh, Charleston, Cary, Mt Pleasant, Durham, Apex, and Chapel Hill. We invite you to compare our storage solutions to other businesses, read our reviews, or request your free quote here online to get started today.

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