What is Full Service Storage & How Does it Work?

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The new trend of full service storage is changing how people and businesses store their belongings. What is full service storage, and how is it different from other storage options? The storage experts at STASH have all the details.

Full Service Storage is Storage Without the Hassle

What separates full service storage from self storage options is that it eliminates hassle from the start to finish. While old-school self storage facilities require you to tow your belongings to and from your unit, and leave you responsible for all the heavy-lifting and organization, full service storage packages pick-up, storage, and delivery services all in one. 

How On-Demand, Full Service Storage Works

With a full service storage company like STASH Storage, you begin by scheduling your pickup via online, phone, or chat.

STASH professional movers will drop off free STASH storage boxes at your convenience, and then will return on the date and time you requested we move your belongings to our facility. 

We barcode, photograph, and store the items in our secure, climate-controlled storage facility.

And whenever you want any of your items returned to you, simply schedule a drop-off date and time, and our movers will return your items, safe and sound.

Full Service Storage: A Cheaper Option

You’d think all those packaged services would cost a fortune. Full service storage is essentially valet storage, after all! The reality is that full service storage options can save you a great deal of money, as self service storage options tend to hide their real costs to both your money and your time. 

Additional costs for movers, truck rentals, and gas add up quickly. The national average cost for movers ranges between $800-$2,500, and many self storage customers will require multiple trips between their unit over time. That’s not even including the extra costs for gas, truck rentals, and storage boxes!

But that’s not even where you’ll save the most money with full service storage options. With STASH, you pay only for the storage space you’re using. At self service storage facilities, you will be required to pay the cost of your entire storage unit, whether or not you’re actually using all of the space every day. STASH’s flat rates will ensure you’re never paying for an empty storage unit.  

Choosing the Right Full Service Storage Partner

When selecting any storage unit provider, it’s important to select companies that protect your belongings from weather-related damage and theft. It’s also important to select a provider who will give you the best rate for your unit, while providing hassle-free services that respect your time and privacy.

STASH is proud to provide affordable, full service storage options which are perfect for businesses, college students, military families, the elderly–and honestly, anyone else! Take the hassle out of moving, and save money while doing it. Those looking for full service storage in North Carolina and South Carolina should reach out to STASH storage and get a free quote today!  

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