Online Storage Units: A New Way to Think About Organization

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Online Storage Units: A New Way to Think About Organization

What comes to mind when you think of online storage units? Is it, somehow transporting all of your items to another dimension that you can pull from whenever you want? Because that sounds amazing. What we offer here at Stash is the same concept, but with a little less science fiction.

Our unique online storage unit is a catalogue of all of your items stored in the cloud. Whenever you want an item pulled out of storage, you simply go online and schedule a delivery for just that item specifically. This is a great feature to take advantage of with the upcoming holidays. Done with your Halloween decorations for the year? Box them up and we’ll schedule a time to come pick them up. Whoops, you accidentally left a string of Christmas lights in the Halloween box? No worries, we’ll bring that box back for you! No, your stuff isn’t transported to another dimension, but it is kind of a magical process. 

So what does this process look like exactly? After your items are picked up they are scanned and logged into your digital storage unit. Once all of the items are inputted, you’ll receive access to your unit with the ability to make changes to it from anywhere. 

There’s never a need to visit a physical storage unit. All of your items are dealt with for you. If you decide that you no longer want certain items you have stored, simply go into the cloud and let us know what you would like donated. Again, we’ll even transport it for you. Whether you’re a student in college needing a little extra storage, going through a serious purge of your home, or moving in town, Stash gives you the confidence that your belongings are taken care of, and just a click away. 

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