PODS vs. Storage Unit vs. Valet Storage: How to Choose

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The storage industry is changing quickly. A few years ago, moving meant one option: finding and using a storage unit. Now, you can choose between container storage (like PODS), valet storage, and the conventional storage unit. So how do you choose? The experts at STASH are here with insight into the pros and cons of each.  

Traditional Storage Units

For years, traditional units have been the go-to storage solution. These units offer an in-house storage container that customers can rent, fill, and use for their needs. However, newer storage options are beginning to take the forefront of this industry. Why are traditional storage units on the decline? Moving is stressful and expensive. The process of using a storage unit can double the work, time, and cost of moving:

  • First, customers need to pack all their belongings into a moving truck.
  • Then, customers need to unload all their belongings and repack them into the storage unit.
  • Once their new home or office is ready, customers need to rent another moving truck to do the entire packing and unpacking process over again. 

While it is easy to see why this industry is quickly evolving, let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of traditional storage. 

Pros of storage units:

  • In some cases, traditional storage units may be more affordable than a solution like PODS.

Cons of storage units:

  • It may be inconvenient to visit your conventional storage unit.
  • As mentioned above, traditional units multiply the time and hassle of the moving process.
  • With several people storing and accessing their valuables in one place, conventional storage units can experience challenges with security.

PODS Storage Containers

PODS and other on-site container storage will bring a storage unit to your home. You pay a delivery fee and pack all your belongings in the container. Then, pay a monthly service fee for the container rental. You may also encounter fees if you choose warehouse storage and unit re-delivery. 

Pros of PODS storage:

  • You can have easy access to your stored belongings.
  • PODS may be easier to pack than a traditional storage unit.

Cons of PODS storage:

  • You have to provide the space for the on-site unit.
  • PODS containers may go against HOA guidelines—or they may simply become an eyesore.
  • PODS and other at-home storage options can be more expensive than alternative solutions. 

Valet Storage

Valet storage is one of the newest and most innovative storage solutions—helping customers get the best of both worlds. You can eliminate the costs of movers, the hassle of packing, and the inconvenience of other storage solutions. What is valet storage? Just as in valet parking, our team does all of the work for you:

  • We pick up your belongings and deliver them to our secure storage facility. 
  • Our team catalogs all of your items, letting you view them in an online portal. 
  • Want something back? Simply request it online. We will deliver it to your door in no time. 

Valet storage also offers a more diverse selection of storage options. You can pay per item, access smaller storage boxes, and find large-scale storage solutions—helping you save money by only paying for the space you need

Pros of Valet Storage:

  • Movers catalog your belonging, so you never have to wonder which of your items are in storage
  • Avoid the hassle of renting a moving truck or hiring movers. 
  • No need to load your things onto the truck. Our team will do it for you—for free. You simply need to pack your items into boxes and make them accessible to our team. We will do the rest.
  • Save your trip to the storage unit. Our team will deliver any of your items to you on-demand.
  • Without all of the foot traffic, you can rest assured that your items are safe. 
  • As mentioned above, a wide selection of storage options allows you to only pay for the space you need.

STASH: Alternative to PODS

Valet storage with STASH is the perfect solution for residential moves, home decluttering, business storage, and so much more. You can compare our storage to other options, read our reviews, or request your free quote to get started today.

Stash Storage offers a new way to move, store, and retrieve your belongings. Our valet storage solutions are available in Raleigh, Apex, Charleston, Cary, Mt Pleasant, Durham, and Chapel Hill

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