Doing Eco Friendly Decluttering The Right Way

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Doing Eco Friendly Decluttering The Right Way

Decluttering and staying eco friendly are not mutually exclusive. Rather they can be done synonymously when effort is put towards rehoming items as opposed to throwing them away. It all comes down to 3 considerations: what you’re getting rid of, how you get rid of it, and the thought put into future purchases. 

When it comes to items you are getting rid of it’s best to look at it from a broad point of view. Have you used this item in the past 3 months? Will you use this item in the next 3 months? Does it have sentimental value? Or is it something you really can’t live without? Asking yourself these questions will help you to decipher between what’s fun to keep and what is necessary to keep. You’ll find it a greater transformation when you take your space down to just the bare essentials. 

How you get rid of your items really depends on the space you are cleaning. If you’re getting rid of clothing, make different piles. Make a pile to give to friends, make a pile to take to donations, You could make a pile of ripped clothing that can be repurposed into rags or towels. If you’re cleaning out your kitchen, think of local shelters to donate to, or items that could be recycled. With every product, consider if it could have a second life somewhere else. 

The thought you put into purchases should come down to the longevity of the item. Let’s say you’re at Nordstrom and you’re considering buying a sweater. Is this an item that you’ll keep for years, and can last you many fall/winter seasons? Is it good quality? Will it go with other outfits you have? All questions to determine whether or not that is a long-term purchase.

Here, at Stash, eco-friendly storage is a huge part of our business model. Each of our Stash boxes is made of 100% recycled plastic. We also will take to donation centers, any unwanted items our customers no longer need. It’s our mission to make decluttering your home as easy and as green as possible. 

In the end it’s all about reducing your waste, reusing old items in new ways, and recycling your belongings by giving them a second life. To talk about eco-friendly storage options for your home connect with us here!

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