5 Tips for Holiday Decoration Storage

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5 Tips for Holiday Decoration Storage

We’ve all been there. Opening every box in your attic or storage unit to find your Christmas or Halloween decorations. You guarantee yourself that this year will be the one where you’ll be more organized in putting all of it away. You might even promise that you won’t collect anything new to add to your collection.

Don’t let the stress of storage keep you from making the most of decorating your home. Here are some life hacks we’ve used to keep all of our seasonal decorations organized and consolidated.

  1. Buy color specific storage tubs for each holiday. If all of your Christmas decorations are in green tubs, it makes it a lot easier to pull from the pile. There won’t be countless trips back and forth because something is missing. 
  2. Group stored items based on where they are displayed. Separate according to outdoor decor, living room, kitchen, etc. 
  3. If you have a Christmas tree that you keep from year to year, consider storing it in a bag rather than the box it came in. A bag is much easier to transport and allows for easier storage in small spaces. 
  4. Keep all of your wrapping paper, gift bags, and tissue paper in a long shallow storage container that can fit easily under your bed or in a closet. This can be replenished throughout the year, and keeps all your wrapping essentials in one place. 
  5. Do a quick audit after each holiday. Is this decoration one you’ll use next year? Is it worth storing?

One of the benefits of storing your decorations with Stash is that all of your items will be documented and put into an online account for you to view. Come Halloween you can ask for specific boxes that contain your Halloween decorations.

You can also be confident that your items will be safe. All of our storage sites are climate-controlled, so you can trust us with even your most sentimental holiday decorations.

To make a plan for your holiday decorations, connect with us below.

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