Storage Unit Tips and Tricks: 7 Ways to Use Your Space

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Whether you’re in the market for business inventory management or personal home organization, these storage unit tips and tricks can be a great way for finding extra utility for your rented spaces. Instead of stuffing yet another box in your attic or letting spare inventory clutter your work office, here are some ways to take advantage of the variety of affordable and adaptable storage services. 

Storage Unit Tips and Tricks #1: Protect Electronics, Paintings, and Other Heat-Sensitive Items

Attics, garages, and outdoor storage sheds can skyrocket in temperature over the hot summer months, with some temperatures reaching over 150 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot! In that kind of heat, you can expect to say goodbye to any sensitive electronics and batteries. But that’s not all–heat damage can occur to all sorts of unexpected items. Excess heat distorts old photos, ruins musical instruments, and causes even sturdy plastics to become brittle and unusable.

Fortunately, services like STASH Storage offer temperature-controlled storage to keep your valuable and heat-sensitive possessions cool. 

Storage Unit Tips and Tricks #2: Put Aside Worries About Damage from Insects and Other Pests

Unless you’re okay with your home or office smelling like someone’s great aunt’s house, strong-smelling mothballs may not be the option for you. But without proper pest prevention, moths can eat holes through whole wardrobes, silverfish can eat important papers, and termites can put any kind of wood at risk. So, how can you protect your possessions from intrusive insects and the damages they cause to fabrics, wood, and paper? 

STASH Storage offers clean and well-maintained storage spaces, so you don’t need to worry about insects or other damaging pests. While items stored in dark attic spaces or garages are always vulnerable to sudden infestations, STASH will keep your items safe.

Storage Unit Tips and Tricks #3: Store Extra Business Inventory or Seasonal Clothes

Storage unit space can be far more flexible than many realize. Instead of crowding your office with extra inventory or letting your closets overflow with out-of-season clothes, store your spare items in a rental unit while knowing that retrieving them is simple and effortless. 

STASH Storage Pro-Tip: While some storage unit companies will charge for unused space, STASH won’t. With STASH, you only pay for the space you use, making it a great cost-efficient choice for renters who only need certain items stored for part of the year.

Storage Unit Tips and Tricks #4: Keep Sensitive Items and Documents Safe and Secure

Sensitive and important documents like deeds, birth certificates, social security cards, and even payroll information shouldn’t be left around at the office or at home. They need to be kept safe and secure. Some storage units offer the benefit of keeping secure documents safe from water damage and secure under lock and key. It’s also a great way for employers to keep troves of HR documents containing sensitive employee information safe from anyone who might try to misuse it.

STASH Storage Pro Tip: STASH uses a secure system of zip ties to seal boxes containing items with sensitive information. With QR code technology, STASH staff can easily identify and return your belongings without ever looking at the contents inside. As an added level of protection, you can know your materials remained unopened with STASH’s tamper-proof seals.

Storage Unit Tips and Tricks #5: Easy Organization

Inventory management can be a pain, even when it’s only keeping track of your personal items. But with the right storage unit, you won’t need to wonder about exactly what you have in storage. With STASH Storage’s tracking service, you’ll have an easily-accessible digital inventory of all your belongings. You can think of it as an automated inventory system, or just as a good way to prevent yourself from spending money on belongings you already own but have forgotten about.

Storage Unit Tips and Tricks #6: Renovating Your Home or Office? A Flexible, Temporary Home for Belongings

Moving can be a pain, especially when your official “move-out” date comes a few days or weeks before your new home or office becomes available. Storage units are the perfect solution to help bridge the gap between residences.

STASH Storage Pro Tip: STASH understands its customers’ needs change. Sometimes, you need far more rental space. Other times, you may not need a full 20 x 10 storage unit. That’s why STASH offers options for customers to store single objects like mattresses, TVs, boxes, and more at a low, flat rate. You check Stash’s pricing rates here.

Storage Unit Tips and Tricks #7: Use Storage Unit Valets as Your Personal Warehouse Team

Save yourself all the hassle of moving, cataloging, and storing your personal belongings or professional inventory. With our valet services, we take care of everything. Cleaning the clutter out of your garage, attic, or office space is as simple as scheduling a pick-up time with STASH. Our pricing quotes are easy and free.

With our digital inventory systems, withdrawing your items is simple: just select the item on your online digital inventory and schedule a time you’d like it delivered. In other words, you can treat our STASH workers as your personal warehouse staff. And unlike an actual warehouse, you don’t steep fees for any unused space during off-months. Save your money, time, and hard work by combining mover and storage costs all in one, and take all the worry out of storing your belongings.

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