Valet Storage: On-Demand Storage Solutions from STASH

Valet storage is a full-service solution for all of your personal and professional storage needs. The professionals at STASH are here with everything you need to know about valet storage. 

An Overview of Valet Storage

What is valet storage? Valet storage is a full-service storage solution, offering a step above PODs and other container storage solutions. We do all of the groundwork and heavy lifting for you. You do not even need to pack the boxes into your storage container. With valet storage, we offer end-to-end support:

  • We start by dropping off any STASH stackable, reusable, and secure storage boxes you need for your move. 
  • Next, we give you time to pack up your belongings and prepare your items for storage. 
  • Once you are ready, our professional team of storage experts will come by to pick up your belongings and pack them into our truck—no need to rent a U-Haul or hire movers. 
  • Next, we place your belongings in our secure, climate-controlled storage space. 
  • As we store your items, we will catalog them into your online dashboard. You will never have to worry or wonder about your items. 
  • Finally, when you need an item (or all of your items) returned, we will bring them straight to your door. 

Best of all, you only pay for the space you need. By offering a variety of storage options, you can choose the one that works best for you. Whether you need to store a single item or a house full of stuff, STASH is here to help. 

Valet Storage for Businesses

Our full-service valet storage solutions are designed to accommodate a variety of businesses. We offer inventory management, safe & compliant document storage, and a place to keep office items when they are not in use. Here is a look at some of the business models STASH supports:

  • Small Businesses and Start-Ups: Newer businesses may not have the resources for a full office space. To avoid cluttering your home with inventory and items for your future office space, STASH can help. 
  • Interior Designers, Realtors, and Home Staging Professionals: When you are in the business of interior design, decoration, and staging, you need a flexible storage system that works for you. With valet storage, you simply need to select the items your client needs and have them dropped off at their door. 
  • Medical Practices, Law Offices, and Accounting Firms: State and federal regulations often require certain professions to keep documents stored for years after a case has been closed. How do you stay compliant without allowing filing cabinets to take over your office? How do you find a document when you need it? STASH can help. We offer secure, compliant storage solutions. We organize and categorize your document boxes so we can bring back the one you need—when you need it. 

Valet Storage for Individuals

Moving is incredibly stressful. Thankfully, innovative storage options are working to alleviate this stress. With STASH on your side, we can support your move and do the heavy lifting—taking the weight off of your shoulders. Our solutions can help cut your moving time in half while offering a more affordable alternative to container storage and traditional storage. We will pick up your items from your old home or apartment, store them in our secure and climate-controlled facility, and deliver them to your new place once you are ready to move in. It is just that simple. 

We can also help individuals organize and declutter their homes. You can store your seasonal items or belongings you rarely need with STASH. When you need an item back, you will not need to spend hours digging through your attic or clearing cobwebs in your crawl space. Instead, you can instantly request an item back from your secure online catalog. Then, we will deliver it straight to your door. 

Secure Valet Storage

Convenient storage does not need to come at the expense of your item security. We protect your items and maintain professional compliance for businesses with a variety of safety features, including:

  • 24/7 Security and Monitoring: Our trusted security systems are monitored around the clock to deter theft and keep your items safe. 
  • Lockable STASH Boxes: With our lockable STASH boxes, only you will know the passwords securing your items or files. 
  • Tamper-Proof Seals: STASH can secure your document boxes with special tamper-proof seals. 
  • Zip Ties: Upon request, we can add an additional layer of security by sealing your box(es) with zip ties.
  • QR Code Technology: Our QR code technology keeps your boxes organized while maintaining confidentiality. This technology helps us ensure we retrieve the right item without opening any boxes or compromising secure files.

Valet Storage Pricing: No Need to Pay for Convenience

You might think valet storage solutions are expensive, especially with the convenience they provide. However, valet storage solutions can actually help you save money:

  • Cut the cost of movers: Because our STASH experts pick up and deliver your packed items, you can cut the costs of professional movers AND the cost of rental trucks. 
  • Paying for only the space you need: As mentioned above, STASH valet storage requires you to only pay for the space you need. This can help you save hundreds (if not thousands) in unused storage space. 
  • Gas: Save money on transportation to and from the storage unit—while saving time and avoiding stress. 
  • Opportunity costs: Your time is valuable. When you spend time packing, moving, and stressing over storage—you pay opportunity costs in your personal life. For businesses, this time could be better spent improving or running your company. 

Even with these savings considered, you may find our prices comparable to or lower than our competitors.

STASH Valet Storage Solutions Near Me

STASH valet storage solutions offer unmatched convenience for individuals and businesses. If you are looking for easy and affordable storage, you can partner with STASH in convenience to Raleigh, Apex, Charleston, Cary, Mt Pleasant, Durham, and Chapel Hill. We invite you to request your free quote to get started today.