A Storage Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner Essentials

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Depending on your family, Thanksgiving can be a mashup of formal and informal dining. Those who prefer a more traditional Thanksgiving table know it can take years to acquire all the right pieces needed for an elegant and photo-worthy dinner spread. To ensure your collection stays in good condition for years to come, here are some of the most essential cookware, dining and décor elements you should consider for storage after the holidays.

Golden roasted turkey in oven


How often will you need a 25-inch casserole dish or a whole turkey deep fryer? Maybe not all year long, but certainly during the holidays. Don’t shy away from cookware sets that will inspire you to try new recipes from bloggers, cooks, and programs like The Pioneer Woman cooking show.

  • Roasters
  • Dutch Ovens
  • Casseroles
  • Large Stock Pots
  • Fish Poacher
  • Extra Crock-pots
  • Decorative Bakeware
  • Outdoor Grill Roasters

STASH It Tip: Wrap lids separately and nest smaller pieces inside larger ones. Line the bottom of the box with paper and fill spaces with loosely scrunched paper to prevent shifting.

thanksgiving and fall dinnerware


The design of your dinnerware sets can really set the tone for a more casual or formal event. You can set a beautiful table with all the right pieces knowing STASH is a safe place to keep your dish storage when not in use.  

  • Soup Bowls
  • Saucers
  • Dinner Plates
  • Appetizer Plates
  • Bread And Butter Plates
  • Salad Plates

STASH It Tip: Line the bottom of the box with packing paper and use bubble wrap for each dish.

thanksgiving dinner wooden table served, decorated with bright autumn leaves


For a more cohesive table setting when pairing with dishware sets, match rounded utensils with rounded dishes and straight edged cutlery with more symmetrical dishes.

  • Dining Utensils
  • Entrée Servers
  • Salad Servers
  • Cake Servers
  • Cold Meat Forks
  • Fruit Knives
  • Butter Spreaders
  • Gravy Ladles
  • Carving Forks/Knives
  • Dessert Spoons/Forks
  • Casserole Spoons
  • Cheese Cleavers

STASH It Tip: Make bundles of four and roll in packing paper. For silverware, roll in acid-free tissue paper to prevent tarnishing.


Spotless glassware is an inviting sight on any dining room table. Always allow freshly washed glasses to return to room temperature before serving cold liquids. Watch out for glass-to-glass impact when loading dishwashers, hand washing pieces or putting away for glass and stemware storage.

  • Water Glasses
  • Wine Glasses
  • Crystal Glasses
  • Champagne Flutes
  • Highball Glasses
  • Goblets
  • Craft Beer Glasses
  • Drinking Glasses

STASH It Tip: Roll glasses in packing paper and arrange in the storage box with cell dividers.

cake servingware


Lavish group meals are the best time to use fancy serving ware. These pieces are all the large, overly decorative and odd shaped dishes that never quite fit in the oven, refrigerator, microwave or kitchen cabinets.

  • Cake Lates
  • Pasta Bowls
  • Salad Bowls
  • Butter Dish
  • Gravy Boats
  • Warming Dishes
  • Platters
  • Tureens
  • Pitchers
  • Decanters

STASH It Tip: Wrap pieces in bubble wrap and use packing paper or towels to fill empty spaces to keep items from shifting in the box when moved.

Table Decor

Create a festive or intimate atmosphere for your Thanksgiving table setting with the addition of decorations. Depending on the colors and textures you use, you can set a very traditional or modern looking table.

  • Table Linens
  • Porcelain Figures
  • Candle Holders
  • Vases
  • Centerpiece Bowls
  • Autumn Wreaths
  • Garland
  • Cornucopias
  • Decorative Trays
  • Decorative Candles

STASH It Tip: Individually wrap smaller items and store using use cell dividers. Stay away from newspaper because the print will rub off and stain your items with ink.

stash boxes in entryway

High-quality tableware can last you for years. If it’s a gift, personal investment or heirloom, you’ll want to keep it and use it to create your own memories and traditions. When the season is over you can request STASH boxes and take your time putting things away. Once you’re all packed up, simply schedule a pickup and we will come to collect your boxes and carefully put them away until next year.

If you’re not into hosting a large feast, you can always check out Magnolias Thanksgiving menu in Charleston and pray they still have a reservation (they don’t).

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