Life Hack: Decluttering Your Spare Room for Holiday Guests, FAST!

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Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and everyone is starting to clean, declutter, and re-organize their home to accommodate out-of-town guests. If you are staying close to home for the holidays, you may find yourself taking on the role of entertaining friends or family members. If you are lucky enough to have an extra bedroom, you’ll be an excellent host for lodging. But if your spare room is currently being used as an in-home storage unit, then you have some work to do.

Like the junk drawer in the kitchen, spare bedrooms become a magnet for all of the items you don’t want to deal with. The process can be intimidating, but you can do it!

assorted variety of home storage organizing baskets


Starting with the right tools will make the process smoother, faster and easier.

  • Beverage/Snacks
    • Avoid excuses to leave the room! Bring yourself a snack and drink first.
  • Containers
    • Use things like laundry baskets and garbage bags to separate items.
  • Timer
    • Work in 15-20 minute increments, if you can do more keep going.
  • Music
    • A good beat will get you moving and keep you motivated.

Moving boxes in new house


For efficiency, sort items from large to small. You can spend an eternity shuffling through papers and organizing small items and never get to anything else, so save this for last.

  • Large
    • Empty suitcases, pet carriers, empty bins, sports equipment
  • Medium
    • Clothes, toys, games, sets, unopened products, gift wrapping
  • Small
    • Photos, paperwork, decorative items, office supplies

Smiling young woman with clothes donation


Consider three things every time you pick up a new item.

  • Do I love it?
    • Keep things that make you smile and add character to your home
  • Do I use it?
    • Be realistic if you haven’t seen or used this item in that last six months
  • Does it make me feel good?
    • If negative emotions surface like guilt, sadness, or anger get rid of it ASAP!

woman on the bed with old book and cup of coffee in hands


Once the room is empty, it’s time to make it cozy and inviting. Many of these items will probably be discovered while you are cleaning or can be brought in from other areas of your home.

  • Bedding
    • Use a matching comforter set or freshen up the look with fluffy accent pillows.
  • Speaker
    • Music is key to unwinding after a long day with your closest and dearest relatives.
  • Mirror
    • Guests can get ready without waiting for bathroom access.
  • Linens
    • Extra towels and blankets will save guests from roaming and searching through closets.
  • Lamp
    • Soft lighting in a dark room is the ultimate cozy accessory.
  • Nightstand
    • No need to run to Pottery Barn, it’s just a place to set the lamp and a clock.

Regardless of the style of your home you can make a comfortable and inviting space for guests. The best bedrooms are designed to promote relaxation with colors schemes that use earth tones, flesh tones or pastels. For additional guest bedroom ideas and the latest decorating tips, you can read more here. But don’t stop there! Plenty of other places around the house that are magnets for curious guests like the medicine cabinet and hall closet could also benefit from a little-undivided attention.

Once you have sorted and organized the items that you would like to keep, go online and schedule your STASH pickup. We’ll bring you a STASH box (or boxes!) and haul them away as soon as you’re ready.

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