4 Ways Storage Simplifies Inventory Management for Small Business

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The internet allows consumers and merchants to buy and sell products around the world by the billions. Third party merchants make up more than half of Amazon’s total revenue and other marketplace platforms like eBay, Poshmark, Bonanza, Etsy, and eBid also allow merchants to engage with buyers. While some work in larger teams for companies or distributors, many sellers work independently as part of the 52% of home-based businesses in the U.S. producing handmade items or sourcing products from overseas.

Being around clutter is unhealthy and removing inventory from your home can reduce stress and improve work-life balance. When running an e-commerce business, inventory can pile up quickly, and management can become a problem. From wholesale to handmade, bulk items to yard sale odds and ends, inventory storage takes up a lot of square footage, and sellers have been known to keep thousands of inventory items in their home.

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Home based e-commerce merchants use whatever space is available to store products and supplies; shoe boxes, wastepaper baskets, crates, moving boxes, and other containers can overwhelm living space and turn any home into a warehouse.

Here are some things to consider storing off-site:

  • Shelving boxes
  • Pre-packed inventory
  • Mailing bags
  • Postage Boxes
  • Bubble wrap/peanuts
  • Packing paper
  • Bulky electronics
  • Collections of ceramics
  • Clothing arranged by style and size


This past summer, Amazon FBA increased storage fees on long-term inventory for its third-party sellers. For some sellers in this category, it is more cost effective to store offsite closer to home.

There are many savings associated with taking inventory off-site:

  • FBA storage fees
  • Replacing lost documents
  • Cost of installing shelving
  • Purchase of filing cabinets
  • Cost of dozens of plastic tubs
  • Installation maintenance of security devices


No one likes to see a request to return an item, that is lost revenue. Depending on the product, certain items can quickly degrade under unstable conditions. Maintaining a consistent year-round temperature will ensure items avoid damage and other potential problems.

  • Extreme heat
  • Extreme cold
  • Misplaced product
  • Warped by humidity
  • Exposure to pests

*Also, with STASH if you ever need more space, you won’t have to worry about moving items to a new unit.


Efficiently arranged workspaces create an organized frame of mind where completing smaller tasks provides a sense of accomplishment. Reduced stress and increased efficiency allows sellers to focus on sourcing or bookkeeping activities.

  • Saved receipts
  • Tax documents
  • Vendor Information
  • State/Federal licenses
  • Record purchases in a spreadsheet
  • Organize new inventory immediately

Shelves with boxes, folders and green plant

Everyone’s home and business situation are different. It can be tempting to install industrial-sized shelving and fill garages and basements with giant plastic tubs. After organizing inventory into an easily accessible system, the stock can be moved into offsite storage to reserve living space for family and leisure activities.

STASH can help turn any house back into a home by keeping business out of sight and reducing the storage cost of inventory in a secure and climate-controlled location.

Visit the STASH website or speak with a team member at 800.230.0308 to discuss custom options.

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