How to STASH Your Decorations Once Halloween is Over

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Depending on your plans for All Hallows Eve, you may be dealing with bulk Halloween decorations. If you are a teacher who likes to repeat specific crafts for students, a party throwing social butterfly, or a decorating maven with an eye for design and a love for holidays, you’ll likely have a few new boxes of storage items to find a space for come the first of November.

With sites like Pinterest providing lots of DIY crafts, decorating and party inspiration, it is tempting to try lots of new ideas and projects. Many craft stores like Michaels and JOANN’s have sales ahead of Halloween to allow customers to stock up on supplies for the latest new craft project, decorating idea or Halloween party.

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When purchasing supplies, the best deals are often found as bulk purchases. It’s nice to have plenty of supplies while crafting, but once the holiday is over, there’s no reason for all of those extra supplies to go to waste or get lost among your other belongings, never to be seen again. Here are some supplies that can be saved in your craft storage and reused again next year.

  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Black And Orange Glitter
  • Puffy Paint
  • Black And Orange Paint
  • Construction Paper
  • Multicolor Craft Pipe Cleaners
  • Washi Tape
  • Stickers
  • Stamp Sets
  • Hot Glue Gun Sticks

Thanksgiving table decorations


Decorating for Halloween can be a lot of fun. There are so many places to put decorations such as the front porch, the lawn, doors, windows, bedrooms, bathrooms and more! Since the holiday comes and goes fairly quickly, it is necessary to have somewhere to STASH all of those great buys. Here are a few ideas of things you can put in storage until next year to save shopping time and money from repurchasing similar items.

  • Rolls Of Burlap
  • Glass Bottles For Potion Jars
  • Glass Pumpkins
  • Tealights
  • Fabric Cloth Leaves
  • Decorative Pillows
  • Decorative Throws
  • Wall Signs
  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Door Posters
  • Foam Tombstones
  • Cups & Mugs
  • Table Runners
  • Candy Dishes

Holiday dinner table


Halloween is usually the first big bash to kick off the holiday season. Supplies for party favors and spooky serving ware can pile up quickly. Since there isn’t a place for them in your everyday life, here are a few ideas of things you can put in storage until it’s time to bring them out again next year.

  • Party Cups
  • Plastic Pumpkins
  • Colors Mason Jars
  • Party Swag Gag Gifts
  • Witch Hats
  • Candles
  • Lanterns
  • Door Posters
  • Foam Gravestones
  • Foam Skulls
  • Invitations
  • Hanging Skeletons

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