Why Your Business’ Budget Should Include Commercial Storage

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Storage is a concept not many business owners think of. Why is this? It’s too expensive? They don’t think it’s relevant? They’re getting by fine without it? What they don’t know is that oftentimes commercial storage is the cheapest option when it comes to storing materials they don’t have room for or don’t use day-to-day.

Local retail stores go through a seasonal rotation. The products they sell, whether that be clothes, home decor, food, plants, etc. all go through a cycle of what’s relevant for that time of year. A local boutique owner isn’t going to just throw away all the sweaters she doesn’t sell when spring comes around. She is going to store those sweaters in a back storeroom until she has a sale or August rolls around again. Well, if you can imagine this happening with a whole Winter’s worth of unsold inventory, you can imagine it’s a lot of boxes of unsold products.

When the pandemic started I’m sure you noticed a shortage of many home/building products. Consumers were waiting months and months just to get a piece of furniture. Due to this, businesses in these markets start buying products and keeping them on hand for whenever a customer MIGHT need them. All these spare materials need a place to go until they are purchased. Unless you have an empty warehouse, that’s a lot of materials with no place to go.

Home stagers often have an inventory of furniture they move around from house to house and swap out according to style. But where does all of that furniture go when the house is sold? Commercial storage options may be evaluated, but not to their fullest potential. Are you paying per couch you’re storing? Or are you paying for a set square footage, including space you may or may not use?

The value of commercial storage lies not in just the items stored, but in the ease and simplification of everyday business. Knowing where your inventory is and where future inventory can be stored is a weight lifted off the back of every business owner.

At Stash we offer a variety of packages, but in each of these you are paying per item or per box, rather than by square footage. We’ll catalogue all your items so whenever that Fall sale comes, or you have a bathtub that’s ready to be sold, you can just request those items specifically AND have them delivered. How much would you pay to have your inventory secured and out of your way? Is that value worth working into your next year’s budget?

Connect with us through the link below to talk about an individualized storage plan for your business.

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