STASH Storage Welcomes New Regional Manager

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Chris Poole joins innovative storage service team

RALEIGH, N.C. – STASH Storage today announced that Chris Poole has been hired as manager for the Triangle area in the heart of North Carolina. Poole is responsible for helping the tech-based storage company grow in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

“I believe STASH Storage’s potential is endless,” said Poole. “It’s really exciting to be here at such an early stage.”

STASH storage was founded in Charleston, S.C. but recently expanded to the Triangle area of North Carolina. STASH saves customers time and money through a few simple steps. First, STASH drops off durable boxes for customers to fill up. STASH then picks them up on the days and times customers request. Next, the boxes are organized, photographed and barcoded, and the contents are then stored in climate-controlled storage facilities. Customers can set up a date and time to have STASH bring their items back to them.

Poole hopes to use marketing and sales to help STASH Storage expand. He brings management experience from revamping and running bowling alleys in Charleston and Raleigh for eight years, which helped him gain a wide array of skills.

“I feel like I can help STASH Storage grow organically through my experiences of working with so many different people and wearing so many different hats,” said Poole.

Modern and efficient, STASH Storage is transforming the self-storage industry by eliminating the pain, time and exorbitant costs.

Learn more about this affordable and innovative alternative to self-storage at or check out STASH’s Facebook page at

STASH Storage: STASH Storage is an on-demand, tech-based solution for storage needs. In a few easy steps, customers can conveniently store items while saving time and money. For more information, go to

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